Monday, July 18, 2011

The Hush - DIY Distribution Fundraiser

The Hush is a film. However, to me, it is more than "just a movie." It is an experience. It is a journey. It is three years of my life in 90 minutes. It is close to being another child in many ways. It is hope and lessons learned in life, shown in the context of fictional characters in fictional settings.

My producer Sofia and I have decided to self distribute our film - the times and the technology have aligned so that it is very possible to do so. With companies whose sole purpose is to create a method for us (indie artists and filmmakers) to reach professional platforms, I say why not.

With a handful of public screenings in our history, I have had some amazing reactions from people that have seen my film, both artists and moviegoers. This is all the proof I need to know that I have succeeded in creating the experience I desired, but also proof to me that there is an audience for genre bending film.

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