Friday, July 24, 2009

The Hush - Trailer - 2009

"The Hush" - Extended Trailer - MSP 2009 from Mitchell Street Pictures on Vimeo.


Christopher Sharpe said...

Looks great. Very stylish and compelling. Love the shot of the guys standing in the door with the cigarette smoke.

I can't wait to see more (and hopefully read more about the production).

Vincent_C said...

Thanks Christopher. The movie has been fun, challenging and is nearly done. As soon as I finish I will certainly post more on the 'making of'.

Talking Whore said...

Nice Job, Vincent! Looks very haunting and noire-esque. And the lighting is amazing (of course). Can't wait to see it!


Brian said...

Loved the visual control and ambition to push beyond the boundaries of the HV30 and the limitations of budget! How are you finishing the film for festival screenings? SD DVD or HD?

Vincent_C said...

Thank you Brian, I appreciate your comments. We tried to be as creative as possible to move around any limitations.

As far as finishing the film for festivals, I may be able to borrow/rent an HDCAM SR deck. I've got a capture card from Black Magic Design to send out an uncompressed signal.