Friday, October 3, 2008

The Feature

Zach Gossett and Melody Gomez star in "The Hush"

It has been a while since I posted yet again. This time however, it has been due to my feature film taking up a large chunk of well... my life. The film is "The Hush" and the easiest way to describe it is a graphic novel, supernatural thriller. It's about victims, violence and redemption.

Chuck Phelps in character and makeup. 

It was a large undertaking due to the nature of the film: action, multiple locations, all-night shoots, a lengthy script, prosthetic FX, multiple characters etc... all the while staying as far below 10 grand as possible. But I was fortunate to have a dedicated cast and crew who, beyond anything else, enjoyed the material and as cheesy as it sounds, did it for the sake of the art. I am also lucky to have a gigantic and generous family who gave their time and resources to this film (from props to vehicles, locations and hands).

Zach Gossett on location.

So far I am assembling my rough cut from about 22 hours (about 4.5 TBs) of HD video, while simultaneously shooting pickups and other smaller scale things.

Please stay tuned for a summary on the shoot, a breakdown of processes, cast and crew reports and other interesting tidbits. 

   Steven R., friend and action coordinator, leads the assault.


Denise said...

I am so proud of you friend. You have always been such a determined individual, and it makes me extremely happy that you are fulfilling your ambitions. Your work looks incredible, quite a ways from "Scream 2: Scream even louder" lol =).

I wish you the best of luck, please keep me updated! Saludos to Valerie and Sofia. Take care

Your sister from another mister-desde Los Angeles

Anonymous said...

Hey family! It's Rachel. I'm so proud of you and Sofia. Y'all are amazing and I hope you know how much I care; that goes for your whole family too. I hope Ross and I can see you guys again soon. Perhaps for Halloween? Hint hint. lol. Take it easy, hermano.

- Rachel Acereto